Well, I suppose this is where I share my life lessons and intimate secrets... Ok Maybe not.

I am 36 years old and I would like to think that my work experience started as early in life as I can remember. I began illustrating from my imagination, drawing knights in full armor, characters from Greek and Roman mythology, or comic books. I continued that into my teens where I began playing music and designing posters, banners, CD's, and T-shirts and websites. I spent time taking Robotics, Automated Manufacturing Technologies, Mechanical Drafting, Construction, and Combat training during and after high school.

In 2002, I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina from my native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to work on a music project with a singer song writer. After completing the project I fell in love with the city and decided to stay. I describe Wilmington to my friends as the best town that no one has heard of...because I certainly hadn't.

After deciding to take the plunge from the mediocre and risk poverty, I decided to become a struggling artist for a while...I took the usual route of waitering and started to develop a freelance clientele. That soon led to a layout/ad design job at The Lumina News, the premiere newspaper for Wrightsville Beach and surrounding areas. That position and a passion to succeed within my newly formed career soon brought about other opportunities for both freelance, and a position at a church of over 2000 members, and 100's of ministry opportunities, all of which need various mediums of design support.

I moved to Philadelphia two years ago, and have jumped right into the burgeoning Philadelphia Art scene. Freelance work for various parties, a full time in house Art Director position with Mancino Manufacturing, and an active role on the Philly Ad Club's Young Professional's committee as well as being the designer for all committee event promotions, has kept me very busy.

I have a sincere passion for all facets of design, and thrive in front or behind the scenes, and with various mediums. I dare you to challenge me. I double dog dare you.